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East Hardwick Neighborhood Organization volunteers seek to improve community and village life, deepen a sense of place, history and architecture and inspire community pride in East Hardwick Village. 

Our Village

In 1797 Samuel Stevens and his bride Puah came to the area and built a small cabin. By 1800 Stevens had erected a sawmill and a grist mill. The settlement was known as Stevens Mills or Stevensville. By 1885 it was a thriving community, boasting two general stores, two churches, a carriage factory, a saw mill, a grist mill and several dwellings.

East Hardwick is a side hill village spilling from the level of a plateau down a sharp incline in the valley of the Lamoille. It is surrounded by rich farm lands, Maple groves and forests.*

Where the Lamoille River played an important part in the initial settlement of East Hardwick Village, the rail road played an important part in its continued growth. The railroad began construction in December 1869 and was completed on July 17, 1877.

Currently the Lamoille County Rail Trail passes through East Hardwick Village. The trail is open for biking, walking and horse back riding in the summer and for snowshoeing and cross country skiing in the winter, as well as snow machine travel.

East Hardwick is an unincorporated village in the town of Hardwick in Caledonia County, Vermont.

*from the 1937 WPA Federal Writer’s Project Guidebook.

Our Projects

  • Overlook Park restoration & historic marker
  • Little Free Library
  • Trailhead / Rest Stop on the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail at the site of the old depot
  • Improving our sidewalks & storm water drainage
  • Implementing Traffic Calming measures
  • Developing a master plan for future growth
  • Spring Children’s Parade
  • October Witches of East (Hard) wick
  • December Community Cookie Project